The referral procedure is straightforward. Your vet may suggest a referral to Scottish Vet Referrals, or you may request one from your vet. Once your own vet has sent through your contact details and your pet's medical history, we will phone you to arrange an appointment.

The Consultation

An initial consultation takes approximately 30 minutes and will involve a full ophthalmic examination. This may include the application of some eye drops.

Depending on the condition, further testing or surgery may be required. You may have been requested not to feed your pet prior to the appointment.

A full written report will be sent to your vet after each visit.

Scottish Vet Referrals is solely a referral practice. You may not register your pet for general veterinary services, and you will need to return to your own veterinary practice for the treatment of any other unrelated conditions.


Payment is required at the end of your consultation, or when collecting your pet after a surgical procedure. We accept cash, cheque and all major credit and debit cards.

Insured patients

We are happy to process your insurance claims forms. We charge a one-off administration fee of £15.00 for processing insurance claim forms, which will not be reimbursed by the insurance company. Under normal circumstances, we ask you to pay us at the time of treatment and claim back the funds from your insurance company yourself.

It may be useful to check with your insurance company about your level of cover, any exclusions you may have and what excess you may have to pay. For operations, we may be able to do a direct claim, provided that a pre-authorisation form has been submitted and approved by your insurance company ahead of the surgery.