Refer An Animal

To refer an animal, please call our office on 01463 218822 or email

Once we have the pet's full medical history, we will contact the owner directly to make an appointment.

Consultations take at least 30 minutes. During this time, we examine all the structures of the eye and the eyelids, evaluate the nervous reflexes and assess vision. We may measure the intraocular pressure (the glaucoma test) and the tear function as well as using corneal stains (fluorescein, rose bengal, lissamine green).

Further investigations can be carried out as appropriate.

Surgical Procedures

Eyelid surgery

Entropion, ectropion, mass removal, reconstruction, canthoplasty

Nictitans surgery

Nictitans prolapse (cherry eye), everted cartilage

Corneal surgery

Keratotomy, keratectomy, grafts

Cilia removal

Distichiasis, ectopic cilia

Intra-ocular surgery

Lens luxation, cataract surgery